Hiring the Hall:

The hall letting rates are very reasonable and can be seen below:

Hire Charges:

  • Regular club          £7.00 per hour
  • Events      £8.00 per hour
  • Public Meetings/ Parties    £20.00 per Session (3 hours)

The latest time for the Hall to close is 10:30pm.

To enquire about booking please email:

Frank Tunney (Chair) at utkintonvillagehall@gmail.com or call 07860 917446


Graham Harrison (Treasurer) at graham@harrisonnet.co.uk or call ‭07425 775679‬

This document is our current Letting Agreement

Like many rural village facilities use of the hall fluctuates but in the past couple of years we have hosted:

  • A growing karate course
  • Pilates
  • ‘Discovering Social Skills’
  • A toddler group
  • The WI
  • The Parish Council
  • Elections
  • Quiz nights
  • A growing, family based Tennis club

However, March 2020 saw a halt to just about all activities and we have been waiting patiently to restart as we come out of Lockdown.

3 thoughts on “Hiring the Hall:

  1. Hi, I am new to the village and interested in some of the classes. Do you have contact numbers for Vicky Huxley, who has the fitness session on a Wednesday, and Vicky Robinson who has Pilates classes?


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