About Utkinton Village Hall

Our hall reaches the venerable age of 100 next year and we aim to celebrate that in style.

Originally donated by CAPTAIN THE HONOURABLE HENRY ROBERT BAILEE-HAMILTON-ARDEN of Arderne Hall, Eaton near Tarporley THE REVEREND CANON WALTER OCTAVIUS MARSH HUGHES of the Rectory Tarporley and REBECCA TOWNSHEND PRESTWICH wife of Richard Henry Prestwich of Tirley Garth, Willington , the Hall was a wooden structure and was gifted to Utkinton Women’s Institute in April 1922.

It stood in a relatively small plot adjacent to the ‘Reading Room’ and a small grass plot that subsequently became a grass Tennis Court (which is where our multi-sport court stands today). Over the years it has been renovated and updated and, if we can find any, we will publish some old photos.

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