UVH Meeting 17th March, 19:30pm


Meeting of Utkinton Village Hall Management Committee,

Utkinton Village Hall, Thursday 17th March 2022, from 7:30pm

Interested residents are welcome.


Following the recent UVH AGM (held on 17th February 2022) at which it was agreed to review the multisport court, Kathryn Dahill has requested a separate meeting be held to explore the options.

The Village Hall Management Committee would welcome ideas from the Utkinton Community on how to make best use of the outdoor multisport area.  For example, what improvements or additions could be made so that this area better suits your family’s needs?

If you wish to attend please let us know so we can put out sufficient seating.


Note those present and receive apologies for absence.Chair
To receive comments from residents of the village attendingResidents
To discuss any documents in relation to the future of the Multisport court to the rear of Utkinton Village HallKD GWBS GH FT
To discuss and take proposals for further action vis-à-vis 2.0 aboveUVHMC
Any other businessUVHMC

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