Utkinton Village Hall – User Survey 2021

This survey was taken to establish the types of activity that residents of the Village might like to see taking place. It was an indication of the areas that the Management committee might wish to explore further.

The survey is published in full below:


Executive Summary

The survey was run between mid-October and mid-November and was, initially, circulated on paper and around 12% of the results emanate from there.  Overall, 84 questionnaires were returned by 15th November and the results are analysed later in this paper.

In terms of the demographics of the responses the results are in line with the Census Data from 2011 and so the survey has a degree of ‘truth’ in terms of the results;

Census 2011Survey 2021
0 – 4355.0%22.4%
5 to 10456.4%56.0%
11 – 18669.3%910.7%
19 – 3910815.3%1517.9%
40 – 6531244.2%3035.7%
66 – 10014019.8%1922.6%
No age44.8%

But, overall an 11% response rate is believed to be reasonable.

Activity Breakdown:

There were 44 activities listed on the expanded survey form and they split, broadly, into a number of groups The number of ‘votes registered is shown below for each major activity grouping ;

Activity GroupSum of Individual Score
Sport – Indoor117
Youth Groups74
Sport – Outdoor67
Food & Drink64
Grand Total828

Looking at each of the individual activities there are some clear high scores (this table is shown in descending order of votes for each;

Individual ScoreActivityGroup
38Beer festivalDrink
35Local Makers’ Christmas FairRetail
33Cheese & WineFood & Drink
31BBQFood & Drink
28Wine tastingDrink
27Table tennisSport – Indoor
27Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs and ScoutsYouth Groups
23Pool / snookerSport – Indoor
22Santa’s GrottoChildren
22Quiz Night(s)Social
22Basketball (add another hoopSport – Outdoor
22Indoor or outdoor footballSport – Outdoor
21Art ClassesCraft
20Casino / Race NightSocial
19Walking GroupOutdoor
16Table footballSport – Indoor
16Youth group (11 – 16)Youth Groups
15Gardening Group / Flower arrangingCraft
15Cards and Board GamesSocial
15BoxingSport – Indoor
14Amateur DramaticsEntertainment
14Indoor, short mat bowlsSport – Indoor
13Cricket (on multi-sport court)Sport – Outdoor
12Chess / DraughtsSocial
12U3A for Utkinton and CotebrookSocial
12BadmintonSport – Indoor
12Duke of Edinburgh Awards GroupYouth Groups
11Youth group 16 – 19Youth Groups
10NetballSport – Outdoor
9People’s ChoirEntertainment
9Nosh and Natter’Social
8Tea DancesSocial
8Homework Club (may need devices)Youth Groups
7Social event planning groupSocial
7Swaps NightSocial
6Bridge clubSocial
6Darts LeagueSport – Indoor
4JudoSport – Indoor

Thus on single activity ‘Cinema’ is a clear winner whereas by group it is Social, and then Indoor sports.

Where should the UVHMC focus lie?

Some activities may require investment in equipment, others will require people to manage them but what can be deduced is that there is a desire for activities based around the Hall. A small number of people queried why ‘tennis’ wasn’t on the list and they might well be right.  However, we have promoted the multi-sport court in all its guises for a number of years and the numbers participating has never changed substantially, so, perhaps, the time is right to review how we use the court area.

So, this report doesn’t give us any solutions, but it does help us to ponder.

2022 will see the Hall enter its 100th year (the foundation stone is dated 1922 and yet the Indentures are dated 1923) we need to be certain that it is equipped to last another.

On the basis of the above, I alone cannot decide the future of the Hall that has to be a collective decision of this committee and the Trustees – its over to you now.

Francis Tunney


15th November 2021

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